Yesterday was an eventful day as I needed to obtain a visa in order for me to stay in The Philippines until July 3. As a tourist you’re allowed to stay up to 30 days visa free, but longer than that you need one. In The Philippines, it is required to wear pants and closed […]


For the past week Robin and I have been exploring some of the various shopping areas within Metro Manila as I become more acclimatized to the tropical Filipino weather. On Friday we opted to check out an area called The Fort Strip in Taguig City. As we were wandering trying to determine what to do […]


Anyone that knows me at least a little bit knows how much I love food, especially trying new foods when I’m travelling. A big highlight for me here in The Philippines is to try lots of delicacies that are unique to the country. I’ve been here almost a week now and I’ve managed to try […]


After a drive to the airport, a couple of flights, and a few days to get my bearings, I’m happy to say that I’ve made it to The Philippines! My last few hours in Canada were spent enjoying some quality time with the famjam before heading beyond security and off to the gate. I had completely […]


…Philippines here I come! It feels like it was just last week I was writing that it was two months until the departure date, yet time sure flies as the day is here! As of 10:35pm Robin and I will be in the air and on my way to Manila, with a brief stop to pick […]


Grey Bruce county is fortunate to have a number of waterfalls within it, with three being located extremely close to Owen Sound. Whenever Mom and I visit, we check out Inglis Falls as my family heritage has ties to the old grist mill.  Before making our way home last Friday, Mom and I decided to up the […]


Last year, my Mom and I had to come up to Owen Sound for less-than-stellar family reasons. Despite the reason for the trip being depressing at best, we enjoyed the weekend away and decided we should do it again… hence our latest trip to Owen Sound! My family has roots in the area, so I’m always […]