Most travellers, if they’re anything like me, are always looking for deals. Saving money now means more travel later, and really who wants to pay more than they need to? Recently I’ve been deal hunting for cheap flights from Manila in The Philippines to Frankfurt, Germany and it’s been tough. The best I’ve found for a one-way […]


Today marks two months until I’m leaving on a jet plane for The Philippines! And since I’m a crazy enthusiastic person, I’m already looking into what I want to see because I have nothing to do with my life love planning almost as much as actually travelling. Honestly, I should have gone to school for this. Anyways, […]


When I travel, I’m often asked how I’m able to find great deals on accommodation. Obviously I don’t pull these little deals out of a hat – it does take some time and some patience in order to find the good stuff.  However, there are a few corners of the internet that have always been […]


This past September I took a month to drive the east coast of Canada with an old friend of mine from high school. Our plan was to check out all the provinces along the way to Newfoundland while my friend got to stop and see family during the trip. It worked out nicely as I […]


Travel is a wonderful thing, filled with excitement, surprises, and adventure.  It gives you the opportunity to seek out new experiences, try activities or foods you normally wouldn’t have access to, and extend the boundaries of your comfort zone.  Every trip, no matter how big or small, always begins with that first step. Commitment. Decision […]