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You may have seen a trend going around Facebook recently about a Challenge on Nature Photography. If you haven’t, it’s a 5 or 7 day photo challenge where each day you post a nature photo as an appreciation to our beloved Mother Earth. Meant to inspire us to unplug and get outside, it also allows photographers, travellers, anyone really to show off some of the amazing places and things we’ve seen. I personally love it as I’ve found out about a few new places to visit that I had never heard of before!

This is the cumulation of my first nomination (thank you Jenna of Give For Granted!), and I themed it around Ontario’s beautiful waterfalls! Some you may have heard of but a few you might be adding to your ‘must visit’ list! I’ve added the GPS co-ordinates for possibility of future adventures.

I’ve been nominated two other times since! Instead of saying “oh I’ve already done it”, I’m going to keep doing this for as many times as I’m nominated, so stay tuned for some more beautiful nature photography!If you’d like to be a part of it, feel free to comment on this post or contact me through Facebook or Twitter and I’d be happy to nominate you in a future post! Challenge accepted?


Day 1 :: Inglis Falls

(44.52558399999999, -80.93567999999999)

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Challenge on Nature Photography

Probably one of my favourite waterfalls ever because it holds a special place in my heart, Inglis Falls is a beautiful sight located just outside of Owen Sound. A gristmill used to stand where the Sydenham River meets the Niagara Escarpment, however not much remains of the historical site. There is no doubt on the power of that waterfall as its erosive power has carved the gorge which is now present at the base of the falls! I first visited it back in 2014 a few months after my Grandmother passed, as she always told me about how our family history had ties to the mill. It an absolutely gorgeous area, and I always feel a strong connection whenever I visit.

Day 2 :: DeCew Falls

(43.109932, -79.27523400000001)

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Challenge on Nature Photography

A local hotspot in my home town that took me WAY too long to visit, DeCew Falls is a beautiful little spot in St Catharines. The falls are actually split into two, the upper running through the Morningstar Mill (the only mill in Ontario that’s water powered), and the lower falls that are pictured here. Trails run along the top of the gorge, however it’s possible to climb down to the base. Take your time and be careful as the walls of the gorge as really steep! It’s best to go further down the trail before clamouring to the river and then make your way upstream.

Day 3 :: Hoggs Falls

(44.287192, -80.54323729999999)

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Challenge on Nature Photography

This beautiful waterfall is hidden away in the Beaver Valley nature reserve, close to the town of Flesherton. It’s worth a stop if you’re heading north towards Georgian Bay! (If you haven’t or are not planning to, you should.) You can spot some old mill ruins around the area. The trail runs near the top but you need to be looking for the waterfall to find it! I almost walked past it, although that could be due to my poor observation skills. To get to the base you need to repel down part of the Escarpment! Don’t worry though, the ropes are there and it’s a short trip down. You could probably jump… if you dare!

Day 4 :: Webwood Falls

(44.494833000000, -80.546406000000)

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Challenge on Nature Photography

Webwood Falls are just north of a small town called Kimberley in the heart of the Grey Highlands. The property previously belonged to a Mr. James Horwood, who donated the area to the Bruce Trail as he was a long time supporter. The reserve is extremely important to the area as there are over 260 documented species of fauna in the area alone, including a number of endangered ones!

Day 5 :: Niagara Falls

(43.08242994591086, -79.07491207122803)

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Challenge on Nature Photography

Arguably Ontario’s most popular and well-known waterfall, Niagara Falls never ceases to amaze me whenever I play tourist in my home neighbourhood. If you get a chance, definitely check out a helitour as nothing beats the view of the falls from above. Pictured here are Canada’s Horseshoe Falls, a magnificent site of pure beauty and power. Not to be missed as well are the lesser known Bridal Veil Falls, and of course the American Falls. The latter especially as water will soon be diverted in order to do construction on the bridge connecting the mainland to Goat Island, so they won’t be around for a while! You can get up close and personal by journeying behind the falls or hop on one of the Hornblower cruises. Just be prepared to get a little soggy!


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