Foto Friday :: Rüdesheim am Rhein


As today is our last full day in Germany, I thought I’d feature some of the country’s stunning countryside. Robin and I spent four days here and that honestly just wasn’t enough. The Rhein is the second longest river in Europe next to the Danube as it runs over 1200km in length. A large section of it runs through Germany, and the area around this small wine town is exceptionally beautiful. Rüdesheim is well known for is amazing Riesling wines as the grapes that grow here are perfect for them. There’s tons of amazing wineries in the area, specifically Weingut Prasser, run by an awesome man named Peter, he does haunted wine tours (and regular ones) where you learn all about the process, sample many of his delicious wines, and partake in amazing conversation. A really down to earth guy, you’ll have a blast even if you have just one glass!

Take a look at the beauty of just part of the eastern side of the river, and you’ll have to wait to see more of the western side… and the castles along it!

Now time to go pack… 12 hours until we’re off to the airport and on our way to Reykjavik! You can expect some more stunning photos from the beautiful country of Iceland!

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