Foto Friday :: Swimming With Whale Sharks


This is also a little bit of a flashback post as I finally unveil some of the photos from Cebu! My friends at 2020 Adventures put me in contact with Kawasan Canyoneering. They were amazing and arranged a driver for us so we could make our way out to him in Moalboal, but first with a stop in Oslob to see some whale sharks! It was an early morning as we were up before the sun at 4am for our 4:30am departure. On the plus side, we got to see a beautiful Filipino sunrise. Then it was nap time until Oslob!

There are a few places in The Philippines where you can experience the great beauty of the whale sharks, and Oslob is one of them. One thing however is that in this area the organizations do feed the sharks. From what I saw, the whales looked quite healthy and had no injuries to them. Also, before we could go anywhere near them, we had a 15min information session where they gave us the ground rules to ensure the whales’ safety. Either way, this can be viewed as good or bad, so I’ll let you decide how you feel about it.

I’m no diver (as well as for time’s sake) we rented some flippers (50PHP), an underwater camera (550PHP) and hopped in a banca towards them. One thing with the camera is that I thought I’d actually have it in my hot little hands, when in reality there are a few workers that swim around and take pictures of you. You’ll get very used to the phrase “Right there, go down in 3, 2, 1!” and probably sick of it, but as you’ll see – it was worth it for the photos! If you have a Go Pro yourself then even better as you can have these and take your own, or just go for your own shots. I know I’ll be investing in a Go Pro or something similar very soon!

ADVICE: For the ~$15CDN I’d say it’s worth making sure you have some awesome shots of yourself since you don’t know when you’ll be back! Better to spend the little bit of money then think back later and go “man I wish I did that!”



  1. Lauren

    April 7, 2016

    How did you find this experience? I’ve read a lot lately about how it’s not so “natural” or “eco-friendlY” and am curious if the experience felt that way as a tourist?

    • Lindz author

      April 7, 2016

      Thanks for asking! I didn’t know much going in, and they did take some precautions to help the whale sharks but overall it really isn’t natural. They’re crowded in a small area & they can sneak up on you with no warning so you have to be really careful with not touching them. Recently I’ve seen some posts and studies that show many people don’t heed the warnings and get too close because they can. In hindsight, it really isn’t great for the whales & I think there are better options other than Oslob where you can see them in a more natural setting, so it might be better to go with that option. That’s my current perspective, and I hope it helps!

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