Hütte Land


After a few days in the city, it was time to head for cottage country and what is probably Robin’s favourite place in the world, Weifenbach. His mom’s side of the family is from here, meaning it was also time for me to meet the extended family – eek!

We arrived on Saturday, although a bit later than we wanted as I woke up with Robin’s cold (sharing is caring, right?) meaning my day went something like this: sleep, eat a snack, sleep, eat delicious schnitzel, sleep again because I’m so full and can’t keep my eyes open, then eat some more. Around 5pm I started feeling a little more human, and we made our way to Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof.

Paprika schnitzel and

Paprika schnitzel and kroketten – my new found love.

Buying our tickets with about 10 minutes to spare, we quickly made our way to our platform… to have the train be cancelled 2 minutes later. A cancelled train in Germany – what is this madness?! Lucky for us there was another train 2 hours later, but it meant we arrived in Weifenbach around midnight. Not the most ideal, but Robin’s Oma was a total sweetheart and picked us up. We enjoyed a glass of wine as we got settled in and then called it a night.

There is definitely something to be said about sleeping in the countryside. It’s probably the fresh air, but we both slept like babies which helped to give my cold a swift kick in the rear. This was needed as our plan for the day was to check out Marburg’s Stadtfest. What seems to be a popular thing here in Germany, cities have weekend parties to celebrate their town. There’s lots of food, music, and of course – beer! This was the 18th year for Marburg’s 3-day Stadtfest, and over the course of the weekend artists would perform across nine stages along with buskers, theatre companies, and more! There was also a dragon boat competition with the winner being awarded the Drachenbootcup.

The classic architecture is so beautiful in Marburg!

The classic architecture is so beautiful in Marburg!

While the big day was Saturday, Sunday was still quite packed with things to do! The streets were barred off and made pedestrian friendly for all to enjoy. After wandering around the city, we settled in to listen to an awesome jazz orchestra in the heart of Marburg. Despite the fact it was raining a bit, there were still tons of people in the city’s main square. No amount of rain would dampen the spirit of the singers and those listening! I think the beer helped a bit too.

Everyone was hiding under the umbrellas but having a great time!

Everyone was hiding under the umbrellas but having a great time!

After a few steins of Radler our tummies began to rumble, so we made our way back towards Weifenbach, with a short stop for dinner at Robin’s old stomping grounds. When he was in the army he lived just outside of Marburg and would always get döner at this one place in Großfelden. He claims it’s the best döner he’s ever had, but I think I’ll need to taste a few more to be able to tell if it is truly the king of döner… so stay tuned as we quest for the best döner in Germany! Overall, it was a great day (despite my stuffy nose) in Marburg, and I hope to hit a few more stadtfests, either this trip or in the future.

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