No Lions, No Bears, But Tigers?! Oh My!


A good night of sleep was just what we needed after our Mt Pinatubo adventure to get us back on our feet and on our way to Subic. First stop: Zoobic Safari! With 25 hectares of land, Zoobic has various exhibits scattered throughout it. You can either pay the standard entrance fee, or for an extra 100php there’s the option to take the tram. I’m sure you can guess what option we took!

I’m a fan of the tiger theme!

First things first however, Zoobic is famous for its tiger exhibit. It is advertised everywhere, and as you’re waiting for the tram, you have this wonderful opportunity… to pet and feed a baby tiger!! Yes it’s true!! This was the main reason for our trip to Zoobic, as I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I pet a koala in Australia, so I have to pet a tiger here! Not that The Philippines is known for having tigers, but if the opportunity arises… I’m taking it!

Isn’t he a beauty?!

Shortly after the adrenaline had passed from being able to actually touch one of these majestic creatures, our tour of Zoobic began. The first area is filled with a variety of reptiles like snakes and lizards. One of the snakes was in the process of shedding its skin! Although we got a little caught up since we needed to rush through the last part of the exhibit as we were the last people to get on the tram. From here it was off to my favourite stop… the tiger safari!!

Can I have one? Please?!

At this point we transferred to smaller vehicles that had caged windows as we entered the open tiger area. Here the tigers could come right up to them, just be sure to keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times! To up the anti, for an extra 200php an employee will bring some chicken along to entice the tigers to come for a closer look. Luckily our vehicle group was on board for this, and it was definitely worth it! Although you could tell the tigers are well fed, it took 10 minutes of coaxing to get him to come over for a snack! I must say though, when he did come over my heart almost jumped out of my chest – those teeth are MASSIVE! It was so amazing to see these majestic animals up close!

Talk about up close and personal!

We hopped back into the tram where they took us to another tiger area, but this time they were in small cages. I was really confused at first as it made me uncomfortable, but when I asked our guide she said they rotate them in groups to keep them injury free and the young cubs safe. Despite this they were very well kept and healthy looking – one was even pregnant!

I didn’t want to leave, but unfortunately it was time to get back on the tram over to the safari area. Here we drove through an open area filled with with camels, ostriches, wild pigs, and many other animals. As we passed through, we found out where the camels get there humps… If you know what I mean. The goats then began chasing the tram, but we were too fast as we exited the area.


The next stop was a museum of skeletons and skins from animals featured at the park. In all honesty I would have preferred this wasn’t a part of the park. I prefer to see the animals alive and well, not like this! I quickly skipped through this (mainly staying for a short time only for the small amount of air conditioning) and over to a short presentation of some traditional Aeta dances. Afterwards there was a path you could take of circular platforms about 1m up with monitor lizards below. I hopped on one and looked down to see if I could find any of them, upon which getting a wave of vertigo. To quote myself, “it’s a little more nerve wracking once you’re on it!”

The last area, appropriately named Croco Loco, is dedicated strictly to crocodiles. Here there’s the option to go “fishing”, paying a few pesos to feed the critters some chicken on a fishing rod. Robin went fishing for crocodiles, but even if you can reel one in, you’re not allowed to bring it home. He asked. I’m not joking.

I’d say he’s had his fair share of chicken!

Overall I was a fan of Zoobic Safari, and it’s definitely a great family spot for those with younger children. Robin and I just unleashed our inner children, and we had a blast!

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