Immerse Yourself in Art at Berlin’s Propeller Island Hotel


While looking for places to stay, Robin stumbled upon this gem on the edge of Berlin‘s Wilmersorf area. Propeller Island City Lodge is an artistic hotel where each room is designed and constructed differently. The artist Lars Stroschen operated under the pseudonym Propeller Island from 1986 onwards, and in 1997 he created four rooms within his home. A year later he began designing the expansion for the hotel, which became a reality in 2001 and 2002. The hotel rooms, spread across 3 floors within the apartment building, come equipped with an audio box for a variety of ambient soundtracks (composed also by Stroschen) which then allows the visitor to have a fully immersive experience.

When reserving your room, you send in a choice of three in order of preference. If any of those three are available then you’re all set, otherwise they’ll contact you and either you can select another room or make other arrangements for your visit. Luckily for us we got our first choice, which was the 4 Beams room – a bed suspended ~5ft in the air by massive ropes attached to four wooden beams with a ladder at the foot of it. Underneath there is also a small sitting area with a chair attached to each beam.

Upon checkout the next morning we asked at reception if we could take a look at a few of the other rooms. Much to our surprise she handed us a handful of keys and told us to explore and have fun finding them all. Each room emitted such a unique experience and vibe; it is truly as if you’re immersing yourself within a work of art. If you’re looking for a night to remember – but not in the conventional sense – then I highly suggest selecting one of Propeller Island’s rooms. It’s worth every euro! Until you can make it, take a look at a few of the photos I was able to grab while exploring the treasure trove of rooms, and be sure to check them all out on the Propeller Island City Lodge website!

DISCLAIMER: The photos may be mine, but any and all aspects of the rooms other than me pushing the button on my iPhone belong to Lars Stroschen. This unbelievable artist deserves all the credit he deserves and more. If you want to find out more about him, take a look at his CV here.

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