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Recently I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award from two terrific travelling twins, Erica and Tara of TrippinTwins! These ladies call Alabama home, but wander the countryside as much as possible while blogging about their adventures. As they’re working right now, they’ve been focusing on local adventures so they’re a great resource if you’re heading their way!

The Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers
You don’t talk about Fight Clu–oops. Actually though, these lovely ladies have asked me 10 questions that I’ll answer below, and afterwards I’ll nominate 10 other lovely, inspiring ladies and ask them 10 new questions to keep the ball rolling!

Thanks for the nomination guys, I’m flattered! I hope you enjoy my answers – I had a great time reading yours!

Erica & Tara’s Questions

1. Why did you decide to start blogging and when did you start?
I started blogging this February after some pushes from friends and family. As I was in the cooperative education program at my school, I used it as an excuse to travel and experience new cities. That, along with my own backpacking adventures, meant that my friends often came to me for travel advice or ideas on where to go or what to do. I used to keep a physical journal where I’d keep train tickets, candy wrappers, train fines (that’s a funny story), etc but I had a terrible time keeping up with it. Tired of being frustrated with myself, I decided it was time to check out this blog thing, and I’ve loved it ever since!

2. How many languages can you speak and which ones? Name one language that you cannot speak, but wish you could.
My mother tongue is English and it’s unfortunately the only one I’m fluent in. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of German and French, but it’s really only enough for small talk or ordering food – the important stuff haha. I’m hoping to strengthen my German, however I really wish I could speak Icelandic! That is one amazing language that I’m always mesmerized by.

3. What is one of your favorite pictures you took while traveling? Please post with a description!
Oh man, this is a tough one! I’m always terrible at picking favourites of things… I end up with 3-10 instead of one. For this one though, I think I’ll have to go with this shot from the top of the Lookout Trail in the ever-so-stunning Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland and Labrador.


Now it may not seem like the best photo out there, but it has a lot of significance for me. Previously I had moved around for co-op and what not, having gone to cities not knowing a soul there and having a blast. Last September I did a road trip with an old friend of mine. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a dependent person, but I do prefer to often do trips and excursions with someone as I enjoy sharing moments with others. However, at one point it occurred to me that I had to make a choice and go solo and drove with no GPS and little to no cellphone signal to Labrador. The road trip had at points been a real uphill battle, and this trail was literally 2.5km to conquer the 300m incline – making parts of it almost a 45° angle. At the top, the accomplishment I felt with that solo hike along with the rewarding view literally took my breath away. It was as if this was the universe’s way of telling me that I had done well; it had hit home that I grew so much as a person in those short few days. For me, this picture captures that moment in its entirety, so that’s why it’s probably my personal favourite. Also, here’s the full panoramic view in case you’re curious.


4. Are you a coffee or tea person? What is your favorite shop and city to get your favorite cup from?
Hands down I’m a tea granny, but I do love my cappuccinos in Europe. My favourite tea shop would be DavidsTea, a Montreal-based company that is expanding all across Canada and into the States! They sell ridiculously delicious tea, adorable accessories, and are also just a great company to interact with. I have Twitter conversations with them on a regular basis, making me a loyal customer and my go-to for my caffeine fix.

5.What is one of your favorite song lyrics and why does it resonate with you?
Another tough one… hmm… right now my heart’s telling me its a toss-up between these two, both by the strong and powerful sisterly-duo Krewella:
“I’m breaking out of myself, so don’t hold me back ’cause I’ve finally found somewhere to run.” ~ Somewhere to Run
“And I just wanna sink into your crazy laughter. Come on make me feel until the pain don’t matter. Every second here makes my heart beat faster. Finally think I’ve found what I’m chasing after.” ~ Alive
Both of these sets of lyrics, and just these songs in general actually, make me feel empowered. They’re the songs that I guarantee you’ll see me headbanging to in my car, or they’re the ones pumping my ears with bass as I’m pushing my limits. These girls have dealt with a lot of animosity as they had a falling out with their one male bandmate, but they came out stronger than ever and it shows in their music.

6. What are your ultimate travel goals?
Honestly? Just see as much of the world as I can. Whether it’s extended trips to the other side of the world or a weekend away in local cottage country, I just want to experience everything I can. Life is short, so I want to make the most of it in the best way possible!

7. Where is your hometown? If we visited, what should we be sure not to miss seeing?
I was born and raised in the town of St Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Only 20 minutes away from the iconic Niagara Falls, this is definitely a must-see. Although, I would suggest snagging a GroupOn and doing a helicopter tour. I did this last November and it was absolutely magnificent! You truly get an appreciation for why so many people flock to these natural wonders each year. I’d also suggest hitting up some of the local wineries as the Niagara Region is wine central, especially our icewines as 80% of Canada’s stock comes from here!


8. What is your favorite trip you have taken over the last 12 months? What makes it so?
That would have to be the extended trip Robin and I did from mid-May until the end of August. We started in The Philippines for 6 weeks where we wandered around the main island, Luzon, where Manila is to Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, Mt Pinatubo, and other beautiful locations. Then we made our way to Palawan, Boracay, Cebu and Bohol (post coming soon!). With a quick stopover in Kuala Lumpur for a few days, we had the stopover from hell in Vietnam before landing in Germany. Here we did a meet and greet of most of Robin’s extended family as we explored all over Germany, hitting the countryside in cities like Weifenbach as well as the bustling metropolises of Frankfurt, Leipzig, Berlin, Munich, while heading as far north as Hamburg. To round out our trip – go big or go home, am I right? – we flew with Icelandair, building a 4 night stopover into our final trip home. Here we rented a car and drove all around the south stopping to crawl across waterfalls, play around beached icebergs, and camped under the stars. I’ve only been home 2 weeks and I’m already dying to get travelling again! Hard to believe my first glimpse of The Philippines was 3.5 months ago as it definitely feels like longer!


9. Who is your favorite book and author?
Hmm, favourite book is a tough one! Not sure I can pick just one, but I’m currently reading Explore Everything by Bradley Garrett and I LOVE it. It’s one of those books that motivates you to push boundaries and be more daring as he talks about urban exploration within major cities like London – a lot of it based on true stories! Although my favourite author is hands down Douglas Coupland, a Canadian author and artist that writes both fiction and non-fiction stories. He often comments in a sarcastic and satirical way on societal issues and norms, and he’s the man who wrote the book that coined the term Generation X!

10.What is one of your favorite blogs you have written and why?
I always love doing my Foto Friday blogs as I’ve noticed I’ve become terrible at sharing photos of my adventures. I used to be SUPER great at posting pictures to Facebook to let my friends know what I’m up to, but it just doesn’t seem to happen anymore. I’m much more active on Instagram, but even still that’s just a photo or two a day. Foto Friday gives me an outlet to share my adventures in more depth through pictures, and it also gives me an excuse to practice my photography!

And now, for my questions…
1. What was the first adventure that got you hooked on travelling?
2. What was an activity or trip you did that really pushed your limits?
3. Do you prefer travelling with a partner/group or solo? Why?
4. What’s a trip or activity that you’re currently dying to do?
5. When you’re constantly on the move, what’s one thing you miss about staying in one spot?
6. Name one thing people should experience from your hometown.
7. What’s one thing you try to do/experience/purchase in every country you visit?
8. What’s your favourite mode of transportation and why?
9. Do you have any advice for ladies just starting to travel?
10. Share an embarrassing travel story.

What you’ve all been waiting for – my nominees! Drumroll please!


Amanda of Unrestingsea – One of the first friends I’ve made via Twitter, this lovely lady writes about her adventures as she lived in Australia previously and is a strong advocate for #PureMichigan. Check her stuff out and wish her a happy honeymoon as she’s currently in Iceland!

Kimmie of Walkaboot – I recently just met Kimmie, but as we share the same last name and are both from Ontario, I had to nominate my possibly long lost cousin (no clue if our family trees actually meet, but still a hilarious coincidence!)

Vanessa of Turnipseed Travel – I’ve seen her all over Twitter Chats, Vanessa always has great tips and ideas for travelling on a budget and how to do it well. I’d say she’s an expert as she travelled to Europe on only $35/day!

Alyssa of My Life’s A Movie – An inspiring woman that has done some amazing things, hence her blog title. She’s been to 32 countries on 6 continents and has plenty of exciting stories to tell! She’s a constant inspiration for me!

Jess of Jess Is A Wanderer – It seems like every time I turn around this woman is somewhere else in the world! She started over 10 years ago by travelling to Ghana when she was 17 to build a school, and she’s been travelling ever since!

Jenna of Give for Granted – Another fellow Canadian I’ve been following for quite some time now that searches for philanthropic experiences around the world. She’s quite the inspiring woman, and I always love seeing her posts!

Adrian of Adrian’s Travel Tales – A wonderful woman from Seattle, Washington, Adrian is now a permanent traveller, but not without living in Australia, Cambodia, and Taiwan first!

Veru & Petra of Simply Nomadic Life – A mother-daughter travel team that’s been travelling since 2010, they have inspired me to take my mom on as many adventures as I can! After a backpacking trip to Mexico, they missed the travel life so much they sold everything to become nomads. I’m not sure I could do that, so I have a massive amount of respect for these two!

Angie of Apure Guria – Residing in Paraná, Brazil, the fabulous woman started blogging two years ago when she lived in New Zealand. A Portuguese blog (thank you Google Translate!), she likes to “move, fast, okay delayed” but will take the world by storm. She’s an adventurer that is always a pleasure to talk to on Twitter! Also, she has stellar hair that I could only dream of!

Maria of Global Brunch – Another new travel blogger like myself from the UK, she’s always been an explorer. A digital marketer by trade, she had her own radio show which she quit to follow her passion for travel. Follow her cultural adventures as she wanders the world!


  1. trippintwins

    September 9, 2015

    Fantastic post, Lindsay!! Congrats to all the nominees too!

    • Lindsay

      September 9, 2015

      Thanks ladies!! I can’t wait to see their posts!! I really like this idea – helps get ladies better connected and sharing their stories even more!

      • trippintwins

        September 9, 2015

        Exactly, it’s a fantastic idea!! I love seeing who people nominate too, great way to get to know other female bloggers.

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