Stumbling Upon The Gourmand Market


For the past week Robin and I have been exploring some of the various shopping areas within Metro Manila as I become more acclimatized to the tropical Filipino weather. On Friday we opted to check out an area called The Fort Strip in Taguig City. As we were wandering trying to determine what to do for dinner, we stumbled upon a special weekend market filled with various vendors selling food, treats, and drinks. We had found our answer!


Surprise markets are the best markets!

Upon further research (thanks Google!) it seems as though The Gourmand Market was started in March by two local shop owners. They were travelling in London and wanted to bring something to Manila that resembled the Borough Market. I’ve never been to the Borough Market myself, but the place was buzzing when we arrived so I’d say it’s been a hit! This is the third month for The Gourmand Market, and I’d say it’ll be around for many more.

So many options!

So many delicious options!

I’m a lover of food trucks, and while this wasn’t exactly street meat, it’s close enough to make me a happy camper! One of the things I love about markets is that the portions are usually smaller so it’s easy to sample a few different vendors’ offerings. This is exactly what I did as the market had a wonderful variety of food and drinks. Robin and I started with a delicious beef curry, and after wandering around a bit more I was finally able to try some authentic Okonomiyaki! However, the highlight was definitely the ridiculously fresh Asado Flosspao (a pork bun with the filling prepared using a specific barbeque technique). I had to restrain myself from eating 8 of them they were so delicious! To wash it down we had some of Stanford & Shaw’s Ginger Ale. If I wasn’t afraid of the seal leaking in my luggage I’d definitely be bringing a few bottles back with me!

Such tasty little morsels!

Such tasty little morsels!

If I can manage to swing it next month, I’ll hopefully be able to re-indulge in some of these treats before we leave The Philippines!

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