Why You Should Stop Hating Selfie Sticks


There’s been an ongoing debate and stigma surrounding that fateful photo apparatus we’ve all come to love/hate… the Selfie stick. For all of those in denial, selfies are a part of our lives now and there’s no getting rid of them. So why not have an apparatus that helps you take GOOD photos that are worthy of not just being posted across social media but printed as well? Here are the reasons that make me pro Selfie stick.

I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog :: Why You Should Stop Hating Selfie Sticks

The Selfie sticks in my arsenal. The black one requires a remote while the blue hooks into a phone’s headphone jack.

ONE >> Extra Length

Sometimes we all wish we could just reach that much further to fit everything into the frame, but alas we are not Inspector Gadget and can’t extend our arms. A Selfie stick allows us to fit everything into the camera that’s behind us. Not only this, but have you ever wished you were a few inches taller to get that perfect vantage point? Problem solved with a Selfie stick!

TWO >> Travelling Solo

When out for a solo hike, or even when travelling on your own, there might not always be someone around to ask if they can take your picture. A Selfie stick allows you to take a photo of yourself whenever you want, and if you’re a bit of a perfectionist like me then you’ll get it done just the way you want it. If you’re more of an introvert then this is also a perk since it takes away the anxiety of asking someone else for a photo!

THREE >> To Steady Yourself

With some Selfie Sticks you can remove the top attachment that holds your phone and it will reveal the same insert that’s used with DSLR cameras. With this you can use it as a monopod to help steady your photos, which can come in handy especially in low light situations. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can still use it the same way just with your phone’s camera!

FOUR >> Extra Angles

While out hiking I’ve found that sometimes there’s a shot you’d love to have but it’s too hard to get.  Maybe you can’t quite reach far enough over the edge of a cliff to grab it? You can angle the top of the Selfie stick to suit your needs. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had my Selfie stick to grab a sweet shot! Which leads me to my last point…

FIVE >> Lack-Of-Photo Regret

Have you ever been on a trip or even just a local hike where you discover something awesome – let’s say a waterfall because I love them. You have cunningly found your way to the top of the waterfall (which can be quite the feat sometimes) and you want a picture to commemorate it. You find out you can’t get the shot you want because of a myriad of reasons, like you take up too much of the frame or you can’t get the angle right to include the waterfall. Having a Selfie stick with you can really help out with this, especially if it’s a trip of a lifetime or somewhere you won’t have a chance to visit again. Don’t subject yourself to the post-trip regret of not having those legendary photos!

I can’t tell you how many times the last one has happened to me. When travelling solo in Alberta, there were so many times I wished I had a Selfie stick. There aren’t many places to prop up your phone nor people to ask when you’re at the bottom of a frozen canyon. So after reading this, has your opinion of Selfie sticks changed? Let me know your thoughts!


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  1. Deah

    November 4, 2017

    Okay, yes, I do secretly love the selfie stick. I bought one in Thailand one but after taking it in multiple bodies of water it got a bit rusty. I will probably pick up another one at some point that also functions as a monopod…. because they are super useful, you’re right!

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