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Conferences can be stressful, especially when it’s your first time ever attending. You don’t know anyone, you’re not sure what to do, and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Don’t worry! You’re not the only one. Take a deep breath, relax, and read this awesome list of Dos and Don’ts I’ve collected. There’s a wide variety of tips in the line-up! From attending sessions to hotel location, check out the great advice from some stellar ladies who attended WITS with me in Milwaukee. Veterans – you might even find a tip in here too!

DO: Make the most of signing up for the pre conference trips!  Some of my biggest connections and friendships were made while on these! – Kylie of Between England & Iowa 

DON’T:  Be intimidated if you’re just a beginner. Everyone is there to learn and share and connect. It’s not a contest of whose got the most followers and best blog. You’re networking, meeting new people and forging connections to further embolden your future ventures.- Kay of Kay Writes Stuff

DO: Have answers to the questions: “What are my goals?” “What can I give/contribute to the community?” – Megan of

DON’T: Be afraid to take a nap. Don’t be afraid to miss a session if you’re dealing with information overload or if the session choices cover familiar material. – Sandra of The Spa in Me 

DO: Take the opportunity to explore the city the conference is in! Do a little research and have an idea in mind, but leave some time to just wander. You never know what amazing hidden gems you’ll stumble upon! – Me! 

DON’T: Be a wallflower. Conferences can be overwhelming and stressful because they are crowded and the schedules are crazy. It’s easy to make one friend and stick with that person the entire time. Especially after a full day of meetings, networking, and speakers all you want to do is go back to your room to relax BUT don’t. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone to network and meet people, meet different people, meet all the people! There’s usually an after hours dinner or networking event and make yourself go! Trust me, you’ll have fun and it’ll be worth it. – Ady of Verbal Gold Blog 

DO: Take some time to think about what you want to get from the conference because everyone has a different goal. Think about what you want to learn from the conference, who you’d like to connect with while there, and if there are certain brands in attendance that you want to meet for future opportunities. It’s also a good idea to do your homework! Look over the conference agenda, spend some time in the conference Facebook group to get to know other attendees, and check out the hashtag on Twitter to see what people are talking about in advance. This can also help if you’re feeling nervous about going since it’s a great way to meet people before you get there! – Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama  

DON’T: Forget to make time to wander around the exhibit hall and engage in inspiring conversations with the event sponsors. – Megan of

DO: Determine if the hotel where you are staying offers shuttle service. If not, try to arrange sharing the taxi cost with other conference attendees. Determine private shuttle services or Uber services. Plan transportation well in advance if you aren’t renting a car. – Sandra of The Spa in Me 

DON’T: Don’t be scared to walk up to someone and compliment them as an opening line to meaningful dialogue. Especially at a women’s conference. If you can point out something about them that you genuinely like and can highlight, use it as a pivot for on-theme based discussions. – Selome of SingTeachWriteFly 

DO: Connect with the vendors, even if you don’t think it will go anywhere, it never hurts to just say hi and introduce yourself. The vendors are there for a reason and you never know, you might meet a potential client or hear of an opportunity you wouldn’t have otherwise. – Kay of Kay Writes Stuff 

DON’T: Forget to take care of yourself! While we go to learn, conferences can be physically and mentally exhausting so be sure to assess how you’re feeling. It’s ok to pick the things you most want to go to and step outside to get some fresh air when there are breaks. Also be sure to eat real meals! It’s easy to go from cocktail party to cocktail party but sometimes your body just wants a real breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Take a walk to a nearby restaurant and enjoy the fresh air, a real meal, and some quiet time so you’ll feel refreshed and ready to step back inside, ready to learn! –Leticia of Tech Savvy Mama  

DO: Live-tweet any sessions or tours that you attend, and remember to quote public figures, hashtag important concepts or locales, and grab the attention of anyone that you want to work with in the future. – Selome of SingTeachWriteFly 

DON’T: Worry about where and when to eat!  I ended up having dinner before the opening party to discover that food was provided and then breakfast and lunch was provided on the conference days! – Kylie of Between England & Iowa 

DO: Bring business cards, ask questions, take notes, network, make friends, meet people, and follow them on social media immediately! You can even do it in front of them. It helps to remember those people even better and strengthen your relationship! – Ady of Verbal Gold Blog 

Some of our favorite post-it notes from our #WITS17 #WallOfGoals. ❤ #VisitMKE

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DON’T: Be rigid in your schedule. Think ahead about what sessions you want to attend, but be flexible. If a session isn’t what you expected, it is ok to go to another. – Renada of Follow the Detour  

DO: Book a one on one session with at least one of the speakers. Having someone who has success in an area that you are growing sit with you for an hour is an incredible resource.  It also creates a face to face relationship so when you reach out to them in the future that will remember who you are. – Tara

DON’T: Overthink about what to wear. This might sound silly, but there’s no dress code! Just be comfortable so that you can be your best you – there’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate on pitching yourself or networking while being constantly nagged by pinched toes or uncomfy pants. – Me! 

DO: Be prepared and expect the unexpected. I was glad that I brought a nice blouse because it was perfect for the professional head shot (unexpected!) that I had taken by the women at Purposeful Nomad. – Renada of Follow the Detour   

DON’T: Feel like you are not good enough, big enough or successful enough. WITS is an incredibly encouraging and inclusive place, filled with women who want to help each other succeed and grow. Talk, interact and ask questions. You will make awesome contacts and fun new friends. – Tara

Did you attend WITS and have any additional tips? What about other travel blogging conferences? I’d love to hear your advice in the comments below!

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  1. Stephanie

    May 3, 2017

    While I haven’t attended WITS yet, I’m excited to go next year!! And these are some great tips to help keep me calm, but still inspire and excite me!

  2. Selome Brathwaite

    May 3, 2017

    Great article and great quotes from such knowledgeable ladies (ahem)! The best takeaway that I get from conferences like this is the added value of establishing genuine connections with people that go beyond the hotel and the tours. This is definitely an asterisk for regular and future reference! Can’t wait to come back to Canada for WITS18 in Quebec City!

    • Lindz author

      May 5, 2017

      Yes for sure!! WITS is so unique in that so many friendships are started here. It’s why I love it – I’m a WITS-addict!!

  3. Jess

    February 26, 2018

    Thanks for writing this! I am brand-new to travel blogging, and have just signed up for my first conference – WITS18! This is a great list of tips for newbies like me, and eases some of my nervousness about the whole thing. Appreciate it!

    • Lindz author

      February 26, 2018

      That’s so exciting! Let’s connect at WITS18, I’ll be there! I’m so glad this helps and if you have any other questions – feel free to send me a message! 🙂

  4. Julianne

    May 1, 2018

    Some great advice here, especially that it’s OK to take breaks and not go to everything!! Hope to meet you at WITS in Quebec City. Can’t believe it’s nearly here!

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