A couple days of rest and some laundry later, we were on our way to our next island destination – Boracay!¬†About 300km south of Manila, Boracay is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and it’s ever popular nightlife. We arrived shortly before noon in Kalibo, an airport about 2 hours away from Boracay. There’s […]


After our wonderful trip to Dos Palmas, we were rested up for our trip up to Palawan’s Underground River, one of the new seven wonders of nature. It was first open to the public almost 45 years ago in 1971, where it was 3901 hectares but later expanded. A two hour trek by car outside […]


I haven’t had much of a chance to work on more posts as Robin and I have been doing a lot of island hopping, but I managed to get together some of my favourite shots from our trek up Mt Pinatubo. In the photos you can really see the difference between the clear skies and […]


Two weeks ago we headed west as we visited the beautiful island of Palawan, however planning the trip took a lot more time than we had anticipated. If you Google Palawan many of the stunning images that first appear belong to the area known as El Nido, one of the more northern areas. Upon searching for […]


Subic, or more specifically Olongapo City, is where we opted to rest our heads for a few days before returning to Manila after Mt Pinatubo. There is an American naval base located close by, which was a driving force in the¬†growth of the city. During World War II it was destroyed twice, leading it to […]


A good night of sleep was just what we needed after our Mt Pinatubo adventure to get us back on our feet and on our way to Subic. First stop: Zoobic Safari! With 25 hectares of land, Zoobic has various exhibits scattered throughout it. You can either pay the standard entrance fee, or for an […]


Don’t get me wrong, Taal was a lovely volcano, but it just wasn’t enough! I needed more… so off to Mt Pinatubo we went! After asking around and hearing wonderful reviews, we stayed with Allan at his guesthouse in Santa Juliana. If you’re heading for a trek up, definitely stay with Allan. His hospitality is unmatched and […]