How to Support IBB

I’ve had a few people ask me what are the ways friends, family and readers like you can support I’ve Been Bit! If you’ve ever wondered how, here’s a list of all the ways to do it!

Booking Via My Links

Are you in the midst of planning a trip? Looking to book flights or hotels for your adventure? There are ways you can support IBB with your usual travel booking routines! This is thanks to affiliate marketing which means that when you book via one of my links below, I’ll get a small kickback at no extra charge to you.

Booking a Flight?

There are a number of websites where you can book flights from. Obviously there is the most direct route which is via the airline. However, if you’re a fan of aggregator websites where you can look at numerous airline options in one place, here is where you can help.

If you use Cheapoair, clicking this link for your flight will help me out. Are you booking from the USA? Use this link instead.

If you use Expedia, use this link to book your flight.

If you use FlightHub, clicking through this link first will give me a small kickback.

If you use JustFly, click here when booking your flight.

Booking a Hotel?

With hotels, there are a few ways you can help me. If you’re looking for reviews, visit TripAdvisor first to do your research using this link then click through to a booking site. That’s it! If you already have an idea where you’re going and want to book directly through a website…

If you use, snag your hotel stay by using this link.

If you use, book your getaway after clicking here.

Purchasing Some Gear?

Believe it or not, there are a number of different stores where you can support me by making a purchase using my links. Just like in a number of my posts like my gift guides and my gear lists, I’ll get a small kickback if you buy anything from the following stores:

  • If you love my leggings from The Purple Puddle, use this link and the code IBBTRAVEL10 to save 10%!
  • To make a purchase from Atmosphere, click here
  • Click here to grab your gear from MEC
  • Grab some gear or clothes from Mark’s by clicking here

Reading & Sharing the Blog

Just by being here, you’re already helping me! The higher the page views, the better for me. To help increase these page views, sharing articles of interest from my blog with your friends and on social media truly helps and I appreciate it any time you do!

Speaking of social media, I have a number of channels as you can imagine. If you don’t follow me on Facebook already, just hitting that like button helps! If you see a post you enjoy, reacting to it (heart, happy face, etc) is better than hitting like and commenting helps even more. See a post you really like? If you could hit that share button then that shows Facebook that you think it’s great enough for others to see which helps it get seen by more people. The more shares and engagement, the more it gets shared because of the algorithm. Any and all of the above is truly appreciated!

Now over to the Twitterverse. Similar to Facebook, giving me a follow is always appreciated. The battle with the algorithm isn’t as intense as on Facebook or that other platform I’ll discuss after, but likes, retweets and replies are still appreciated.

As for that other platform I’m talking about… Instagram is, in all honesty, a nightmare. It’s so hard to be seen in the app with algorithm changes happening all the time. Just like the above, giving me a follow is a big help. After clicking the follow button on my profile, hitting it again will bring up a menu where you can select to receive notifications whenever I post. Activating this is a big help since it’ll help you not miss a post of mine! Whenever you do see a post, liking and commenting always helps and if you’re feeling very generous, clicking the airplane to add it to your Instagram’s story is next-level awesome!

Thank You For Supporting IBB!

This post contains affiliate links where I may receive a kickback at no extra cost to you. It helps keep the site alive so thanks! Read more in IBB’s disclaimer and privacy policy.