The start of the year can be exciting for many as it means a new year filled with new adventures and experiences. For those of us around Niagara, it also means the coming of icewine! The Wineries of Niagara kicked off the Niagara Icewine Festival with a number of events from galas to tastings that […]


Hey everyone! I know the blog has been a little quiet recently, but it’s been for good reason! Welcome to the brand spankin’ new I’ve Been Bit! It took a bit of TLC and patience to get everything in working order, but I’m happy to announce that the site has been revamped.¬†Also, IBB is not […]


I’ve Been Bit was nominated for a Liebster Award in December thanks to Anna of Unexpected Germany! Thanks so much for this, and I hope you enjoyed what’s on IBB so far! Anna’s blog is fabulous for knowing the ins and outs of Germany that are off the beaten path. If experiencing true German culture […]