Happy Turkey Day!


Here in Canada this weekend marks Thanksgiving where we take the time to appreciate and be thankful for our current situation. The Thanksgiving tradition traces back to European influence, however it was not a concrete holiday in the past. When Canada was separated into Upper and Lower Canada, they observed Thanksgiving on different days, both being in the summer! It wasn’t until 1957 that it was officially declared the second Monday in October. A proclamation was issued at this time stating that it was to be “A day of general Thanksgiving to almighty God for the bountiful harvest with which Canada has been blessed.” While I am not religious myself, I definitely take the time to count my blessings and be thankful for where I am today.

I’m fortunate to have friends and family who care about and support me with all of my endeavours (including this blog!) as well as all of us being in good health. It’s also election time here in Canada, and all of us should be thankful that we have the privilege and ability to vote and have a say in our country’s future (also it’s the last day for advanced polling so GO VOTE). This year alone I’ve travelled to three new countries – one unintentionally – while having experienced 25 others before that. I’m very fortunate for being born into a family that encourages me to follow my passions as well as my travelling lifestyle, friends who understand that I sometimes disappear of the face of the earth and it doesn’t mean I love them any less, freedom of speech to share my thoughts and opinions not just with these people but to anyone who will listen, to have a roof over my head and delicious food to eat, and to have the power to govern myself in the way that I wish.

Thank you to everyone who has touched my heart along my journey through life already and for taking the time to read, like, comment, tweet or share anything from I’ve Been Bit! Sending good vibes and warm wishes to you all!

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