For Christmas I both gave and received a fair number of Groupons with the intent of having some fun things to do this winter. Although as life happens, time flew and I had only used 1 of 6 Groupons in the past 3 months. I now have 5 on the verge of expiring, and my partner […]


Now that the snow is finally starting to thaw and we’re getting some spring weather, I’ve been taking the opportunity to explore a little more of my local area. The Niagara Region is very lucky to have many wonderful wineries, the ever beautiful Niagara Falls, and many hiking trails… including the Bruce Trail. This trail runs […]


I stumbled upon this wonderful article last night from National Geographic about the future of the postcard. With the demand for snail mail decreasing constantly with the rise of technology, it makes you wonder if we’ll even have postcards in a few years! Yes technology is a wonderful thing in that it makes staying in […]


Whenever I travel I try to sample some of the local cuisine, and boy have I had some strange stuff! During my Euro trip back in 2012, I had a few tasty (and not-so-tasty) treats during my adventures. If you’re heading to any of these places and feel like being adventurous – try some! It’s […]


Okay, so I’m not a true local in that I wasn’t born in Waterloo. However I was a member of the co-op program at the University of Waterloo, so I lived in the city on-and-off from 2009 to 2014. Over the years I found some delicious little places to eat, and as many people travel […]


You may recall in my previous post about solo travel, how I mentioned you’d have to wait for another post to hear about the solo portion of my trip. I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath, but I’m happy to say the wait is over! So if you couldn’t tell from the title, my […]


Today marks two months until I’m leaving on a jet plane for The Philippines! And since I’m a crazy enthusiastic┬áperson, I’m already looking into what I want to see because I have nothing to do with my life┬álove planning almost as much as actually travelling. Honestly, I should have gone to school for this. Anyways, […]