Anyone from the Niagara Region has probably heard of Woodend Conservation Area as it’s a popular destination for school field trips. The area was originally settled by United Empire Loyalist families (those who followed the Royal Standard and settled in Canada during the American Revolution) towards the end of the 1700s. In 1796 the land belonged to the Van […]


Before I begin, a quick happy thanksgiving to my American friends and followers! I hope you all enjoy the time you’re spending with your families and those you cherish. Wishing you all the best! —– The third weekend of Taste the Season has been crossed off with the fourth and final weekend beginning tomorrow. Have […]


There’s been an ongoing debate and stigma surrounding that fateful photo apparatus we’ve all come to love/hate… the Selfie stick. For all of those in denial, selfies are a part of our lives now and there’s no getting rid of them. So why not have an apparatus that helps you take GOOD photos that are […]


Since we seem to be holding onto the beautiful weather, I’m going to keep sharing as many autumn photos as I can! These are from a few weeks ago when I explored a new area in Fonthill, the St Johns Conservation Area. After seeing some awesome photos from another travel blogger Camper Christina, I couldn’t resist […]


In case you missed my last post, Taste the Season is still going strong with its third weekend starting tomorrow! Robin and I indulged in a few last weekend to keep our month long date going. Unfortunately we didn’t get to visit as many as we’d like, but that just means more for this weekend […]


When travelling I find I have a tendency to opt for hotel chains I recognize: Holiday Inn, Best Western, Four Seasons on a good day, etc. I also have a feeling I’m not alone on this trend, especially when many of these hotels give out rewards points and other perks. However, if you take a […]


Throughout the month of November, 25 of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s wineries are opening their doors Friday-Sunday for the delicious wine and food tasting event known as Taste the Season! For ~$45CDN you can indulge in some of the seasons best flavours as we settle into the cooler weather with winter just around the corner.  The best part? […]