Mabuhay from The Philippines!


After a drive to the airport, a couple of flights, and a few days to get my bearings, I’m happy to say that I’ve made it to The Philippines! My last few hours in Canada were spent enjoying some quality time with the famjam before heading beyond security and off to the gate. I had completely forgotten that DavidsTea had a location within Pearson Airport, so I was ecstatic to have one last mocha matcha latte before hopping onto Philippine Airlines flight PR119.

Our journey started with a flight to Vancouver where we picked up a few more passengers before heading onto our final destination, Manila. We were a little slow getting off the ground in Toronto, but I was distracted by the fact that we were given food about an hour into the flight. Sustenance on a flight within Canada? What is this madness?! I’m not even in The Philippines yet and I’m already being spoiled! My second dinner for the day was fried seafood noodles, fruit, dessert and to top it off – wine! YES WINE! No added charge either! Philippine Airlines is already winning my heart.

An uneventful landing at YVR lead to a delayed take-off as someone on board didn’t have the right paperwork and had to leave the plane. I hope they hadn’t come from Toronto as it would be such a waste! Luckily time passed quite quickly as Robin and I chatted and soon we were up in the air for our 14 hour flight. Yes you read that correctly, 14 hours. In total our flight came to 20 hours in the same airplane. Now I’ve done some long flights before this as I flew down to Australia, but the longest stretch was 14 hours with a few hours to stretch my legs in between my connecting flights. I was a little concerned about being cooped up for so long, but between movies, chats, and some melatonin it was bearable!

Philippine Airlines also helped as I was spoiled the entire ride. In total (including the one I previously mentioned) we had 3 meals and a snack that might as well have been a meal. The cabin crew were also pleasant and very attentive throughout the duration of our trip. I was able to snag about 7 hours of intermittent sleep, much more than I anticipated! Upon waking up I had my first taste of Filipino cuisine – pork longanisa. These little sausages have a hint of sweetness to these savoury little morsels, and I’m excited to have them again.

I've been quite impressed with the quality of airplane food!

I’ve been quite impressed with the quality of airplane food!

Another fun thing about Philippine Airlines: the consoles on the back of the seats have a number of movies, TV shows, music, and… video games! After a round or two of Tetris we broke through the clouds and I caught my first glimpses of The Philippines. I’m thoroughly excited to explore as much of the country’s many islands, but until then I plan to catch up on some sleep and some sunshine! Mabuhay from The Philippines and my little backyard paradise for the next 6 weeks!

Some Vitamin D, please!

Some Vitamin D, please!


  1. leiluhh

    May 19, 2015

    Is this your first time here in the philippines? I would just like to welcome you in our country and I’m really hoping that you’ll enjoy your stay :)

    • Lindsay

      May 19, 2015

      Yes it is and thank you so much! I’ve been doing some exploring in Manila and I’m enjoying it so far! If you have any suggestions on things to do or places to go it would be appreciated!! :)

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