I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog - Grey County Autumn Adventures

With the end of September comes the crisp, cool wave of the fall season. Hints of apple, cloves and cinnamon hang in the air as sweater weather creeps in. Whether you’re looking for adventure or just a beautiful getaway to enjoy the autumn colours, you’ve come to the right place. Break out the scarves, grab a […]


Since we seem to be holding onto the beautiful weather, I’m going to keep sharing as many autumn photos as I can! These are from a few weeks ago when I explored a new area in Fonthill, the St Johns Conservation Area. After seeing some awesome photos from another travel blogger Camper Christina, I couldn’t resist […]


In a quest to enjoy the stunning autumn colours as much as I can, I dragged Robin on another hike as we explored the Ball’s Falls Conservation Area. The area is fairly small but there are lots of things to explore – including two waterfalls. You’ll stumble upon the remnants of an old woollen mill from the 1800s. […]


The Green Ribbon Trail is an unexpectedly short, but beautiful little area that’s just off of Martindale Road, south-west of Port Dalhousie. It runs through the Barnsdale Marsh, a class one wetland. The trail was developed in 1995 by the local community and is dedicated to missing children across the globe. It was brought about by the […]


Summer for many means ditching the hustle and bustle of the city and heading for some bliss in the country. With the late sunsets and beautiful sunshine, it’s no wonder we want a change of scenery. However as the saying goes, ‘good things come to those who wait‘, and I’ve got 5 reasons why you should […]