Weekend in Virginia Beach: Must Sees, Dos & Eats in 48 Hours

One of the things I love about Virginia is just how much variety this small state has. The vibes and experiences of Williamsburg are quite different than what you’ll find in Virginia Beach. They’re less than 2 hours apart, let alone how different they are from cities like Wytheville and Luray on the state’s western side along Interstate 81!

As the state’s largest coastal city, Virginia Beach offers plenty of outdoor adventures, incredible eats and a variety of attractions – too many to experience in just 48 hours! A weekend in Virginia Beach will give you just enough time to get a taste of the city and quickly make you plan to return for more.

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A Little Bit About Virginia Beach

Located on Virginia’s southeastern border where Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach has 1288 square kilometres for visitors to experience. It’s known as a resort city but it has plenty to offer locals and both national and international visitors. 

Long before the first English settlers landed at Cape Henry in April 1607, these lands have been home for Indigenous peoples such as the Chesepians, those of the Powhatan Confederacy and the federally recognized Nansemond Indian Nation. The establishment of a permanent settlement in Jamestown near Williamsburg meant the life of these Indigenous nations were changed forever, and it’s important to remember this when exploring the lands we now know as Virginia Beach.

Towards the end of the 1800s, Virginia Beach began to grow with the arrival of the Norfolk Southern Railway. This brought more business to the area and hotels began to pop with the arrival of the 19th Century. Over the years it has transformed into a more family-oriented seasonal vacation destination. After the World Wars, the city saw a construction boom which saw it grow even more.

Virginia Beach is now a popular spot for visitors of all ages to soak up the sunshine. Keep reading to find out what the area has to offer!

King Neptune Along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

King Neptune Along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Top Things to Do For Your Weekend in Virginia Beach

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or to see as many sights and sounds as possible (like me) during your weekend in Virginia Beach, the city has lots to offer no matter what your vibe is. Here are my top recommendations based on my visit to Virginia Beach!

Explore the Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Spanning almost 5 kilometres from 2nd Street to 40th Street, there is no shortage of things to do on the Virginia Beach boardwalk. You could honestly spend most of your visit experiencing the local gems found along it! 

Spend a few hours strolling along this paved path during your visit. As you explore, you’ll pass by numerous plazas featuring a variety of public sculptures and monuments. Catch a few local characters like King Neptune, located at 31st and Atlantic. Crafted by artist Paul DiPasquale, this 8 metre tall statue depicts the Lord of the Sea and is a popular photo spot in Virginia Beach. This is also where you’ll find one of the four oceanfront stages that often has live bands rocking out during the warmer months.

You’ll also pass by the Virginia Beach Surf & Rescue Museum that works to preserve the history of Virginia’s maritime heritage inside a former U.S Life Saving Station. Just a few blocks south is the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum, housed within the historic De Witt House dating back to 1895. Visitors will learn about the art of decoy carving along with the habitats found along Coastal Virginia and the variety of waterfowl within them. At the boardwalk’s southern end you’ll find Grommet Island Park, a 15,000 square foot playground that is the first fully accessible oceanfront park in the United States. 

And that’s just a handful of the things you’ll find along the Virginia Beach boardwalk! No weekend trip to Virginia Beach is complete without spending some time exploring it. I honestly walked numerous sections of it and had a blast each time.

INSIDER TIP: If you find yourself sweating buckets and you’re a little more inland as you explore Virginia Beach, head for the boardwalk. The ocean breeze makes the temperature infinitely cooler and a much more pleasant walk!

Check Out the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

At the center of the boardwalk is where you’ll find the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, a hotspot for anglers of all skill levels. You’ll spot folks catching all kinds of fish like croakers, blue fish, Spanish mackerel and even sharks! If you’re not a fisherman, you’ll want to explore as the end of the pier offers some of the best views of the entire beach. Plus the gift shop and restaurant along it might have something that catches your eye.

The Pier is open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm in the shoulder season (April, May, September, October) and from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm from June until August, with extended hours until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays throughout the summer.

Soak Up the Sun Along the Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Chances are you’ll be spending some time exploring the aforementioned boardwalk and pier, so you might as well pack your swim things! The oceanfront in Virginia Beach is absolutely fantastic and offers plenty of room for folks to lounge in the sunshine. Grab your beach towel and a book as you relax and listen to the waves roll in. 

At the southern end near Grommet Island Park, beach chairs are available for use on a first come, first served basis. You’ll want to get there early to snag one, especially on weekends in the summer.

Catch Sunrise At Least Once

Depending on the time of your visit, this can be before 6:00 am which can be unbearable to some. However, Virginia Beach’s location right on the east coast makes it the perfect spot to enjoy sunrise so I recommend braving the early hours!

There are so many great spots to watch the sun crest over the Atlantic Ocean along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk. You can always catch it from one of the spots I highlighted in the earlier section like King Neptune but my personal favourite is from beneath the Fishing Pier. Seeing the beams of sunlight filter through the pillars and posts of the pier adds an extra level of magic, especially as the waves come in!

INSIDER TIP: One way to make this super easy is by booking a hotel located on the Virginia Beach oceanfront. Luckily there are a variety of options which you can check out here. If you’re unconvinced, I share my experience below so keep reading!

Under the Virginia Beach Pier at Sunrise :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Under the Virginia Beach Pier at Sunrise

Hunt for Virginia LOVEworks

One of my favourite things about the state of Virginia is their LOVEworks initiative. Established in 2013, the LOVEworks program became a state-wide initiative to promote Virginia as a destination for travel, raise awareness for their branding, “Virginia is for Lovers” and overall create organic promotion for the state. These incredible photo ops are crafted across the state and are often crafted by local artists to represent what love means to them, whether that’s inspired by unique characteristics of the destination, events that have occurred or iconic spots for a great photo opportunity. Click here to read more about the campaign.

There are now over 350 LOVEworks (and counting!) with 9 to be found in Virginia Beach alone. Some are easy to discover as they’re close to the boardwalk while others are spread further out. No matter how intense you are about finding them, seeing these installations is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! Take a look at this map to see the locations of all the LOVEworks across the Commonwealth.

This is also a perfect segway into the next area you have to explore during your vacation in Virginia Beach.

Wander the ViBe Creative District

Located a few blocks inland from the oceanfront, the ViBe Creative District is the vibrant arts and culture hub of Virginia Beach. This is where artists of all disciplines come together to inspire and create.

The area loosely spans the blocks around Virginia Beach Boulevard, Cypress Avenue, 22nd Street and Pacific Avenue. Spend some time meandering as you enjoy the incredible murals and public art sculptures you’ll find around every corner. Since 2015, the ViBe Creative District’s non-profit has supported over 350 artists to create public works of art through over 100 free and public events. One such event is the annual ViBe Mural Festival which takes place at the end of September into the beginning of October. Ten murals are crafted each year and anyone can come to watch the artists at work!

You’ll also find a variety of restaurants and coffee shops within this creative neighbourhood. One spot that’s not to be missed is Three Ships Coffee Roasters. This small batch roaster operates as sustainably as possible and one such way is with their seasonal Pungo syrups which they craft from produce sourced from local Virginia farmers. Depending on the time of year, you can enjoy delicious apple, blackberry, blueberry, peach, strawberry and sweet potato syrups in one of their lattes. Strawberry was in season during my visit and it made my white mocha latte extra delicious.

INSIDER TIP: There are a lot of places in Virginia Beach where you will have to pay to park. I love to avoid paying as my travel math means not paying for parking equals saving money which means more delicious eats in my belly! However, ViBe is one of those places where free parking is abundant so you can save your legs and time by driving there. I learned this the hard way!

Explore First Landing State Park

For the outdoor enthusiasts who follow my adventures (I know that’s a number of you!), First Landing State Park is a MUST for your visit to Virginia Beach. Located on Cape Henry, the park offers a variety of activities across its 2,888 acres. Hiking, swimming, biking, fishing, pack a picnic… there are so many ways to enjoy First landing State Park!

The park offers three distinct areas and all of which are worth exploring. The first is accessed by 64th Street and offers a great mix of beaches and hiking trails as well as being a popular spot with boaters. You’ll want to soak up the sun along The Narrows so pack your beach towel and a picnic! Next, the Visitors Centre is where any campers will want to head as this is where you’ll find the campground, plus First Landing State Beach, another great spot for swimming and enjoying the sand between your toes.

The last area is my personal favourite so head to the Trail Centre to get your hike on. Visitor will have access to ten trails with some connecting to the 64th Street area and the Narrows. If you’re looking to truly experience the park and are down for a few hours of hiking, the Cape Henry Trail is your best bet. You can also extend your trek by adding the Osprey and Long Creek Trails.

However, there is one trail that’s not to be missed when visiting First Landing State Park and that’s the Bald Cypress Trail. You’ll be treated to gorgeous views as you meander along the trail’s boardwalk through towering Cypress trees. What makes it extra magical is all of the Spanish Moss hanging from the branches! I felt like Alice in Wonderland as the sunlight sprinkled in through the branches, reflecting off the waters of the swamp. The term “swamp” definitely has a negative connotation but let me tell you, I was blown away by the beauty. Check out my Instagram stories from Virginia Beach and you’ll see what I mean!

Lindz Walking Along the Boardwalk of the Bald Cypress Trail in First Landing State Park :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Lindz Walking Along the Bald Cypress Trail in First Landing State Park

Paddle with Dolphins on a Kayaking Tour

Yes that’s right, dolphins hang out in Chesapeake Bay and you have a chance to paddle with them in Virginia Beach! Head to the Lynnhaven Boat Ramp and Beach Facility where you’ll meet Bryan of GoKayakVB for your guided tour. He has everything you need to get out on the water.

Guiding for almost a decade, Bryan knows the ins and outs of where Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins like to hangout near Lynnhaven Bay at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. You’ll enter the tidal salt marsh as well as the maritime forest which Bryan will tell you all about as you paddle towards the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. He’ll also share with you a detailed history of the Chesapean Indigenous that have paddled these same waters for millennia as well as how their life was drastically changed with the arrival of English settlers.

While the goal is to spot some dolphins, you may just spy some other local wildlife such as bald eagles, osprey, herons, and even whales, sea turtles and sting rays! Unfortunately during my tour, we weren’t able to spy much wildlife, however we still enjoyed the brilliant colours of golden hour as this is one of the best ways to enjoy sunset in Virginia Beach.

As for the waters, there are no waves in this area however there is certainly some current so be prepared to paddle your heart out at times! This is definitely one of the tougher kayaking tours I’ve done but I still had a blast despite not seeing any dolphins this time around. If you want the chance at seeing some dolphins up close on the water, you won’t have a better chance than this tour with Bryan. Click here to book your dolphin kayaking tour.

SOMETHING TO NOTE: As with dealing with any wildlife, there is NO guarantee that you will see dolphins.  While Bryan has the knowhow and is the best of anyone to steer you in the right direction, they are wild animals that have a mind of their own. Fingers crossed you see them but if not, you’ll still have a great time paddling, especially with the 6:00 pm adventure!

Experience Orion’s Roof

Okay so I know this is a restaurant but honestly, Orion’s Roof truly is an experience. Not only is it Virginia Beach’s highest restaurant but it also boasts the title of Virginia Beach’s tallest rooftop patio! Nestled on the 23rd floor of the Marriott Virginia Beach Oceanfront Resort, you’ll be treated to incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean from ~55 metres (183 feet) in the air. This modern restaurant is absolutely gorgeous with numerous rooms sharing a chic vibe with varying decor. 

On the menu, you’ll find a vast variety of dishes focusing on Asian-fusion cuisine. I won’t be surprised if you struggle to make a decision because there are so many delicious options with hot and cold appetizers, wok dishes, mains from both land and sea as well as a menagerie of sushi rolls. I personally opted to start with the wagyu tataki which was an incredible mix of savory with a hint of sweet and spicy. I will warn you that the portion is on the smaller side but it’s the highest grade of wagyu beef so once you know that, it makes a little more sense.

Afterwards, I opted for two sushi rolls with the first being the spicy lobster and shrimp roll. Shrimp tempura and avocado are topped with a shrimp and lobster salad alongside both wasabi and spicy mayo to give each bite a nice kick. A splash of eel sauce adds a hint of sweet to round out the dish with some orange tobiko and green onion. The other was the surf and turf roll which has to be one of my favourite sushi rolls I’ve eaten to date. Tempura lobster tail and avocado are adorned with torched wagyu beef (sense a theme?) with a dash of horseradish aioli, truffle carpaccio and pearls. 

Everything was elegantly displayed and with the top notch ambiance alongside the unmatched views, you will quickly see how this is an experience rather than just a meal. Reservations are HIGHLY recommended as they fill up quickly, especially around sunset. However, despite having a reservation for 5:45 I was still able to enjoy both golden hour and the start of sunset during my visit in May. Don’t forget to take a walk around the restaurant and you’re free to enjoy the views from the patio as you await your meal! 

INSIDER TIP: It can be a little pricey to visit Orion’s Roof which means it may not fit everyone’s budget. However, they have a section called O Bar where you can enjoy a limited menu but at a fraction of the cost. You’ll also have access to their cocktail list which has several you won’t find anywhere else. This way you can still enjoy the incredible views without breaking the bank!

Sushi Rolls from a Window Table at Orion's Roof :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Delectable Sushi Rolls at Orion’s Roof

Delicious Virginia Beach Restaurants

With hundreds of restaurants in Virginia Beach, it’s honestly overwhelming to know where to go for a great bite to eat. Clearly I haven’t been to them all but I can confirm without a doubt that the following Virginia Beach restaurants are spectacular and 100% worth a visit!

May’s Parlor

Step inside the adorable cottage on Pacific Avenue to start your day off right at May’s Parlor. This locally-owned bakery-cafe is well known for its delicious pastries and incredible breakfast eats. As soon as you walk in the door, you’re greeted by a variety of baked goods from croissants to cookies. Don’t be surprised if you have trouble choosing what to get as you’ll want to order one of everything!

May’s Parlor also has some heartier breakfast eats for those looking for something a little more substantial. I had their Roasted Veg breakfast sandwich and it was bursting with flavour. A baked egg frittata is topped with roasted sweet potato, sundried tomatoes, red onion, portobello mushrooms and white cheddar with a bit of chipotle aioli all on a housemade everything brioche bun. It pairs perfectly with one of their mocha lattes!

However, if you’re lucky enough to visit when strawberries are in season like I did, you MUST get one of their strawberry croissants. These incredible pastries are made from scratch with European butter, cut and stuffed with a fresh vanilla bean chantilly cream, homemade strawberry compote and sliced strawberries, sprinkled with icing sugar. There’s a reason why customers are limited to three per order because once you have a bite, you’ll want twelve more!

Doc Taylor’s

What was originally a historic doctor’s office has been given a new life as one of the best diner-style breakfast joints on the Eastern Seaboard. Built in 1939, step inside this quaint cottage building and make yourself at home at a table. Photos and memorabilia adorn the interior walls, telling the story of the building and the lives it lived before Doc Taylor’s moved in.

 While they focus on your classic breakfasts with a variety of egg dishes, pancakes, and more, their menu also has some lunch offerings as well. I opted for the latter and went with the Dr. Killen’s Killer Crab Cake Sandwich. A fresh lump crab cake is served up on a savory onion roll with lettuce, tomato and a granny smith apple tartar sauce. I have no idea who Dr Killen is but he certainly makes a mean crab cake sandwich! Also, I highly recommend adding provolone cheese to it because cheese makes everything better. Oh, and grab yourself a glass of sweet tea while you’re at it.

Doc Taylor’s is a great spot for a quick bite to eat at very affordable prices. Plus on weekends, you can also stop by the Seaside Market Lounge next door. They often have live music featuring bands from all over the country. It’s also dog friendly so you can bring your four legged family member along too!

Bubba’s Seafood Restaurant & Crabhouse

What began as a small bait and tackle shop over 30 years ago has grown to become one of the top seafood restaurants in Virginia Beach. Bubba’s sources their seafood from the Lynnhaven Fishing Company who fishes right in Chesapeake Bay. Delivered in the early morning, you can guarantee your fish and seafood will always be fresh!

On the menu you’ll find a variety of delicious seafood dishes including handhelds and of course, lots of crab dishes. If you’re like me and enjoy being able to try a variety of things, you’ll want to go with the broiled seafood platter. It comes with a crab-stuffed mushroom, an oyster rockafeller baked with spinach, bacon and cheese, sea scallops, some fresh fish and crab imperial topped with shrimp and your chocie of two sides. Everything was absolutely scrumptious and I’d say it was the best osyter rockafeller I’ve ever had. I’ve heard their she crab soup is incredibly popular so I’ll have to try that next time I’m in town!

While you can eat inside, one of the biggest draws for Bubba’s is their beautiful outdoor patio. It’s the perfect spot to watch the boats pass by as they head in and out of the marina, not to mention a gorgeous spot to enjoy the sunset.


Lovesong is one of the newer restaurants in Virginia Beach and it’s a bit unconventional. It’s a little bit fancy and a little bit funky but certainly has plenty of free spirit. They follow a farm-forward approach for their menu as they source their ingredients from local farms and fishermen with a wine and beverage selection that doesn’t compliment the dishes but rather stands on their own. That’s not to say the two don’t go hand in hand, but rather they’re meant to be two whole items alone but they still go well when enjoyed together.

Their menu is small with a limited number of dishes. While most are a shareable tapas size, they do have a few that are a larger full meal. I started with their mushroom tartine as sourdough bread is topped with sauteed mushrooms, spring peas, ginger and radish in a soy vinaigrette. I then followed it with their scallop dish with sunchokes and king trumpet mushrooms in a tomato sauce américaine. Both were extremely flavourful and, while small, certainly were very rich and filling.

Since this was my last stop on a very long day of exploring Virginia Beach, I wanted more than anything to be laying in bed so I cut my visit a little shorter than normal. However, I wasn’t going to skip dessert so I got their olive oil cake to go. A delicious mix of sweet and salty, this cake was so incredibly moist and the buttercream frosting was out of this world. Either make sure you save room for dessert or grab a piece to take with you because you have to try it!

Two Queen Bed Room with Oceanfront Views at the Hyatt Place Hotel :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

My Room at the Hyatt Place Oceanfront Hotel

Stay at This Amazing Virginia Beach Hotel

For your Virginia Beach weekend getaway, an oceanfront hotel is a must. There are so many options, meaning it’s fairly easy to snag a water view room… but it can be overwhelming with where to choose. Let’s face it, having a bad hotel experience can really ruin a vacation! Luckily I can speak with certainty that staying at the Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Oceanfront is a great idea and will ensure you have an incredible trip!

The hotel itself is incredibly spacious from the common areas to the rooms themselves. I had the pleasure of staying in a two queen oceanfront room on one of the top floors of the hotel. I slept so soundly in their cozy beds and, as a fan of squishy pillows, I loved nestling into them at the end of each day. Every room also has a seating area with large couches which are perfect to settle in and enjoy a coffee. Plus the placement made it perfect for enjoying the natural light that pours in from the floor to ceiling windows. Though nothing beats soaking up that Virginia Beach energy from the private balcony each room has!

Each room has your usual amenities of black out curtains, hair dryer and a coffee maker though some they’ve certainly upgraded. In the bathroom, guests are treated to top quality KenetMD products which I certainly noticed a difference compared to other hotels. If I use hotel products, I often find my hair dries out very quickly but that was not the case here! I also loved that I had both a refrigerator and a microwave in my room which I find is very hard to come by these days! While I didn’t use it myself, I know many folks would be thrilled about the 55” flat-screen television.

Another way that the Hyatt Place shines amongst other hotels is their breakfast bar. Included in your stay, it has a variety of options including hot and hearty items such as eggs, bacon and breakfast potatoes along with quick and healthy options such as fruit, yogurt and granola. Of course, there’s no shortage of coffee and the coffee bar is available 24/7 for whenever your craving strikes.

Located directly on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, the ocean is just a few steps away so you can enjoy the summerlike vibes for as long as possible during your stay. If you’re not a fan of the salty water though, the hotel has both an indoor and outdoor pool to help you beat the heat.

From the moment I checked-in until my departure, everything was absolutely fantastic. Not to mention the staff were some of the best I’ve ever experienced – and I’ve stayed in a lot of hotels! Dalton and his team will do everything they can to ensure your stay is nothing short of spectacular. Thanks for making my visit so memorable!

Click here to see what availability the Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Oceanfront has for your travel dates or if you’d like, take a look to see what other guests have to say about their experience before you do.

Sunset Paddle on Lynnhaven Bay in Virginia Beach :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Sunset Paddle on Lynnhaven Bay with GoKayakVB in Virginia Beach

More Things to Do in Virginia Beach

As you can guess, a weekend in Virginia Beach isn’t nearly enough time to experience everything. For those of you who may be staying longer or who are curious about some of the other things to do in the area, here are my recommendations as they’re certainly on my radar for my next visit!

Catch a Live Show

One of the fantastic things about Virginia Beach is that they have plenty of live entertainment during the summer months. From June until September, they have a weekly Oceanfront Concert Series showcasing a variety of musical genres. Not to mention there’s nightly entertainment along Atlantic Avenue from the end of May until Labour Day!

Whether you’re looking for free events in Virginia Beach this weekend or for one in the future, check out the lineup here to see what’s coming down the pipeline.

Enjoy Some of the Local Craft Beer

I’m absolutely gutted that I didn’t get a chance to sip on any local craft brews during my visit BUT that’s definitely one of many reasons to return to Virginia Beach! There are 13 craft breweries in Virginia Beach for you to visit, though I have my eyes on Vibrant Shore Brewing Company in the ViBe Creative District so I can sip several of the tropical seltzers on their hidden rooftop beer garden.

If you’re a craft beer enthusiast then the VA Beach Beer Trail needs to be on your radar. Not only are each of the breweries on there but over a dozen restaurants that offer a variety of local beers on tap for patrons to try.

Visit the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Established in 1938, the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge provides and protects habitats necessary for migrating and wintering waterfowl. There are a variety of hiking trails for visitors to enjoy as well routes for biking, plenty of paddling opportunities as well as both freshwater and surf fishing. Wildlife photographers will also love Back Bay as there are numerous wildlife viewing stations scattered throughout the park.

This is also how you can access False Cape State Park as it’s only accessible by hiking, cycling or by boat. It’s one of the last remaining undeveloped areas located along the Atlantic coast. You can take the tram from Back Bay to visit it or hike the East Dike or West Dike trails to access it.

Trek to the Top of the Cape Henry Lighthouse

This is an interesting stop in Virginia Beach as it’s located on the grounds of the fully operational Fort Story Military Base. This active naval operation requires you to show proper identification and be subjected to a search of your car before being allowed to enter. From there, you can only go to the lighthouse as well as the designated lookout otherwise you could face some serious consequences.

While there are two lighthouses currently, the original is the only one that’s open to the public. It’s said to be the fourth oldest lighthouse in the United States as it was built in 1791. Climbing to the top will offer amazing 360 degree views of Virginia Beach and you might just spot aircraft carriers or US Navy vessels.

Public Art Fish Sculptures Along the Virginia Beach Boardwalk :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Just a Taste of the Fun Public Art You’ll Find in Virginia Beach

Things to Know For Your Virginia Beach Getaway

Now that you’ve got the lowdown, I bet you’re planning a trip to Virginia Beach! I know I already can’t wait to return, but here are some great things to know that I learned during my visit to make yours as smooth as possible.

I Recommend Having a Car in Virginia Beach

There is plenty you can access on foot during your Virginia Beach vacation, however you’ll be missing out on some great attractions further out by not having a car. If you’re road tripping from somewhere else in Virginia or the neighbouring states then you’re golden! However if you’re like me and are flying in, you’ll want to book a rental car.

I grabbed mine from Enterprise at the Norfolk Airport and my experience was fantastic. Everyone I dealt with was incredibly friendly and it was super easy to pick up and drop off. It will be an added expense but for the freedom to go wherever you like, whenever you like, it’s 100% worth it in my books. Plus it means you can easily tack on a visit to Williamsburg which I highly recommend if you’ll be in Virginia Beach for an extended period of time!

Click here to see what Virginia Beach car rentals are available during your visit.

Check For Parking Fees at Your Hotel

Similar to the hotels in Niagara Falls, you’ll definitely want to watch for parking fees if you’ll have a car during your stay. Some hotels charge $25 a night for parking (yes that’s USD my fellow Canadian readers) or possibly more. It’s another reason I loved staying at the Hyatt Place Virginia Beach Oceanfront because they only charge $9 a night which is incredibly reasonable, especially for valet!

Make Sure You Have the Correct Hotel

It sounds really silly, but this is an important one for your travel to Virginia Beach. There are a few hotels that have similar names that often get mixed up such as the Hyatt Place Oceanfront and the Hyatt House Oceanfront. Speaking from experience, you’ll want to make sure you double check the address and your reservation so you don’t show up and try to check in to only find out that you’ve wasted everyone’s time and you’re at the wrong hotel.

Canadians, Cash In on the Loonie Saver!

It’s no secret that the Canadian dollar doesn’t go as far as we’d like in the United States. However, Virginia Beach has a promotion where Canadians can save up to 15% on top accommodations and attractions! It’s super simple to use too. Just head to the Virginia Beach tourism site here, sign up for the Loonie Saver program which will be texted and emailed to you, download it and you’re all set! Then, you just need to make any reservations required and ensure you have your Canadian passport on you to receive the discounts. 

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While this article was crafted in partnership with Visit Virginia Beach and Visit Virginia, all of the content and opinions outlined here are, as always, honest and speak to my personal experience.

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