This past weekend I had an amazing time at WayHome, my first three-day music festival with overnight camping. While I was a little nervous a few nights before the drive to Burl’s Creek Event Grounds to set up camp, I quickly learned they were for nothing as I embraced the weekend’s dirt, sweat and happy […]


A week or two ago I saw this awesome post by my friend Vicki over at Florals & Teacups about her summer bucket list. While I may not be able to be as ambitious as her due to work constraints (I have to work the odd weekend, the joys of the travel/tourism/hospitality/entertainment industry – yes […]


Remember that post I did back in December about the goals I set for myself for my 26th year of living? If you’re anything like me, I have a tendency to make goals and then forget about them a few weeks later – only to remember them when the time comes to make new ones […]

I've Been Bit! Deal Hunting Accommodation

I recently booked an apartment for what will be my mom and I’s 3rd annual Mother-Daughter weekend in the Grey Bruce area. When looking for accommodation, there’s a few things I do to ensure I get what I feel is the best bang for my buck, so here are my travel tipsĀ on finding the perfect […]


On the plane down to California, I had absolutely no idea what I was flying into. Just a few weeks ago I won my ticket to this year’s Women in Travel Summit hosted by Wanderful, a conference I’d been dying to go to ever since I heard of it. Within 3 hours of receiving that […]

I've Been Bit - Fund Travel

Updated May 10th, 2016 If you haven’t heard, I’m currently on a plane headed for Irvine, California (with a short stop in Newark) for this year’s Women In Travel Summit! Organized by Wanderful, an incredible international community of travelling women, WITS is the only travel blogging conference that’s organized by women, for women. Would I […]


We are exposed to hundreds of advertisements per day as we sift through endless digital information to find what we actually want to see. You can tell this by the way social media has evolved during its relatively short lifespan. In the early days of Facebook, text-based posts dominated our news feeds. Now, having only […]