Best Travel Games Perfect to Play At Home & On The Road

Are you a travel fanatic looking to add to your game collection? Tracking down some travel themed board games to satisfy your wanderlust whenever you can’t travel? Or are you just looking for some games to pass the time on long road trips or flights? No matter your reason, these travel games are seriously fun, addicting and will ensure the time flies by.

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Best Travel-Themed Games

These games have been tried and tested by yours truly. I’ve loved every single one and highly recommend any of them to be added to your collection. Let’s take a look!

Close Up of the Travel Board Game Ticket to Ride Germany :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

The trains are in motion for this awesome travel board game – Ticket to Ride Germany!

Ticket to Ride

2-5 players – approximately 1-2 hours of gameplay

You don’t have to be an avid train lover like Sheldon Cooper to adore this travel game. In Ticket to Ride, you try to build train lines to get from A to B in the shortest distance possible. However, there are only so many tracks to build on! Pick your routes wisely as to not get blocked while building your train line. It’s plenty of fun just be sure to not get derailed and lose sight of your destination!

Purchase Ticket to Ride Online at Indigo (Canada) or Walmart (USA)

One thing I love about Ticket to Ride is that there are a number of versions of the game. They’re all the same premise – all that changes is the map! I’ve played a few including Europe and Asia though I have to say my favourite version is Germany. Plus I love that you can reminisce about your travels at the same time!

Purchase Ticket to Ride Europe at Indigo (Canada) or Walmart (USA)


2-8 players – approximately 3 hours of gameplay

It’s no secret that Monopoly can be the destroyer of friendships, but it really is a classic. I’ve loved seeing the spin-offs that have appeared focusing on various destinations around the world! It adds an extra level of fun as you reminisce about the places you’ve visited while trying to build your empire. Just remember at the end that we’re all friends…

Obviously my favourite is the Canadian version which I’ve linked to below. However, you’d be surprised how many versions of Monopoly are out there! From US national parks to every TV show under the sun, it’s a great way to make the classic game more appealing!


2-5 players – up to 1 hour of gameplay

If you love medieval fortifications or the country of France, Carcassonne is a board game you have to play! Players take turns crafting their medieval landscape as you pick up tiles, placing them as you see fit until they’ve all been used. Throughout the game, you’ll also place your followers (also known as meeples) onto different segments in order to gain points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! It’s fast paced, easy to play and a perfect addition to any game night!

Purchase Carcassonne on Indigo (Canada) or Walmart (USA)

Hand of Cards Fanned Out :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Do you know how you would answer this question from Basecamp Card Co?

Basecamp Cards

A deck of cards is the most versatile item you can have when it comes to travel games. BUT this is no ordinary set of cards! Basecamp Card Co has added their own twist to the traditional deck. They’ve gone in and added a thought provoking question to every single one. It’s perfect for starting conversations, getting to know your friends better or just to get you thinking deeper! Inspired by those amazing campfire exchanges, you’ll build meaningful connections thanks to their wide range of questions.

Purchase Your Set of Basecamp Cards From Their Website


2-5 players – approximately one hour of gameplay

If you’re jonesing for a trip to Turkey, here’s one way to transport yourself to the country’s largest city. Istanbul replicates the hustle and bustle of the Grand Bazaar as your merchant and four assistants rush around to beat out your competitors. It sounds simple enough, however you must be crafty to avoid finding yourself with no moves to make. Swiftly navigate the busy streets to sell your wares but keep an eye out for the local authorities! What are you waiting for? There are rubies to be collected!

Purchase Istanbul Online at Walmart (Canada)

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2-5 players – approximately 2 hours of gameplay

Travel back in time 2000 years to when Roman dynasties were expanding and conquering new cities. In Concordia, you’ll be sending your people to remote areas as you develop your trade network. As you produce bricks, cloth, food, tools, and wine, keep an eye on what your opponents are doing so you don’t fall behind! Cards or dice won’t determine your fate but rather your cunning in this strategy game! Oh, and don’t forget to please the ancient gods so they’ll help you on your quest. May the best dynasty win!

Itchy Feet: The Travel Game

2-6 players – 10-45 minutes of gameplay

This is one of those travel card games you’ve probably never heard of but you’ll want to buy ASAP! Itchy Feet is an adventure in card game form. You have your passport and the country of your final destination, but you have to get through your own country to get there! Each country has three necessary items so draw cards to pack your backpack so you have everything you need. Sound familiar? Draw cards, trade or steal in order to get what you need so you can travel throughout the game. First one to the centre country wins!

Set of Cards for the Itchy Feet Game :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

I’ve got my passport and gear – think I can get into a new country?


2-6 players – can be up to 8+ hours of gameplay 

This is one game that you either love or hate. The one time I played this I had Australia and I still lost in two hours… you can guess which camp I’m in. If you’ve never heard of Risk, it’s a strategy game where you’re trying to conquer as much of the six continents on the game board as you can. You won’t find Antarctica here – too cold! Take turns rolling the dice to see if you’re able to gain land or if your troops will be sent packing. Form alliances as you please to try and get ahead but don’t forget that there can only be one true conquerer!

Purchase Risk Online at Indigo (Canada) or Walmart (USA)

Sheriff of Nottingham

Transport yourself to Medieval Times as you take on the role of a merchant. And what does a merchant do? Sell his/her wares of course! Take your goods through the city gate into Nottingham to be purchased. However, it’s not so simple as the Sheriff of Nottingham patrols the entrance! Do you choose to play it safe with legal goods and make a humble profit or do you risk it all and sneak in illicit goods? That’s up to you and whether you think you’re clever enough to outsmart the sheriff! If you’d rather lay down the law, take on the role of sheriff and see how well you sniff out the illegal items.

Purchase Sheriff of Nottingham Online at Walmart (Canada) 


2-4 players – approximately 1-2 hours of gameplay

Let’s be real – travel isn’t always kittens and rainbows. We run into delays, cancellations and plenty of situations that are beyond our control… sometimes it’s even health-related. In Pandemic, you’ll find yourself in crisis mode as you try to stop viruses from spreading across the world! I absolutely love this game as it’s cooperative. You work together with the other players to cure and eradicate four viruses while trying to keep them from spreading across the globe. It can be really intense at times but a whole lot of fun! No surgical masks or medical training are necessary to play.

Purchase Pandemic Online at Indigo (Canada) 

Have you played Pandemic (or better yet, you already own it) and are looking to spice things up? There are two expansion packs you can grab! The first is In the Lab where players head to the laboratory to research disease cures. You’ll still be finding cures as you would in the original game but this adds a research aspect to it. The other expansion is State of Emergency where you’re given new roles and three additional challenges… including a fifth disease that cannot be treated.

Pandemic Travel Board Game :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Think you can save the world in Pandemic? This is my favourite and the best travel game in my opinion!

Additional Games for Travelling

When you’re on the road (especially for an extended period of time), chances are you don’t want to bring a big clunky game. While some of the options above are perfect travel size games for car rides, flights and more, I couldn’t resist adding these games to the list. Here are some great travel friendly options that don’t take up a lot of space!

80 Days – Who says you can’t play travel games online? I haven’t tried this one myself but the premise of Phileas Fogg attempting to travel the globe in 80 days sounds good to me! Check out 80 Days here.

Cards Against Humanity – Definitely the least politically correct game here. Using the cards you have in your hand, fill in the blank of the question asked. Your hope is to be the funniest option to win the round though the answers will be… umm, out there. This is one of those travel games for adults – it is definitely not family-friendly.

Cribbage – This is a fan favourite at my parents’ place as we play every night I’m home! Cribbage is a great card game where you try to get as many points as possible through runs, pairs and more. Click here to see the full rules.

Dutch Blitz – The only thing travel-related is its name, though I’d have to say this is probably my favourite card game out there. It’s quite easy as it’s kind of like solitaire on steroids. You race against your opponents to put cards in order from 1 to 10 as you empty your pile. Whoever uses all their cards first wins! Buy it online from Indigo (Canada).

Yahtzee – Ah, the king of all dice games. Roll the dice as you try and collect all of the items on the checklist to the best of your ability. The person with the highest points wins! Sounds easy enough… if the dice roll in your favour. Grab yours online here.

Close Up Shot of Trains in Ticket to Ride Germany Game :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

These travel board games are a guaranteed good time!

Did Your Fave Make This Best Travel Games List?

Whether I’m stuck at home or on the road, I can’t resist a night of fun travel games. They’re a great way to enjoy some quality time with friends or even make new ones while you travel! Would you join in a game if someone randomly invited you to play? I sure would!

How about you? Do you have and travel board games that you adore? If you didn’t find it on this list, let me know as I’m always looking for new games to try!

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    Great ideas Lindz!

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    p.s. You know, we often buy games here and send them to my sister as she lives in France so having bilingual versions is great for her. In the UK everything is only in English..

    • Lindz author

      April 20, 2020

      Haha awww I love memories like that!! Carcassonne is such a great game too. 🙂 And that’s so cool about sending the games to your sister! I never thought of how the UK would be English only!

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