When visitors travel to the Northwest Territories, the majority of them head for Yellowknife. It’s understandable as it’s the capital of the NWT and all major airlines fly there. However, it means that many miss out on some incredible destinations across the territory – one specifically close to the Alberta border. The Northwest Territories is […]

Manitoba Road Trip - 7 Days of Canadian Prairie Adventure :: I've Been Bit A Travel Blog

Manitoba is Canada’s 8th largest province and it’s jam-packed full of adventure. As the eastern gateway to the Prairies, the province has so much to offer – much more than people realize! I took it on full-force with an epic week-long road trip, and let me tell you, be prepared to have not enough hours […]

Canada is home to over 45 national parks and reserves from coast to coast to coast. Each one protects a special area of land along with the vegetation and wildlife found within it. Georgian Bay Islands National Park is one of the six national parks located within Ontario. With the incredible landscapes of the Canadian […]