When visitors travel to the Northwest Territories, the majority of them head for Yellowknife. It’s understandable as it’s the capital of the NWT and all major airlines fly there. However, it means that many miss out on some incredible destinations across the territory – one specifically close to the Alberta border. The Northwest Territories is […]

Truly Experience Cameron Falls with Strong Interpretations :: I've Been Bit! A Travel Blog

When visiting the Northwest Territories, you’re really missing out if you don’t get out of the city. Yellowknife may be fun, but there’s so much to see and explore outside of its boundaries! While you can rent a car and do it solo, I highly suggest booking a tour with Rosie of Strong Interpretations. You’ll […]

When I told my friends I was flying solo to the Northwest Territories, they all thought I was insane. Lindsay, why would you want to go north? What is there even to see? While I’m a planzilla and researched to the nines about all the adventures, eateries, points of interest and more, nothing could have prepared […]