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There’s a new coffee game in town, and I’m telling you – it’s something to write home about!¬†Smile Tiger Coffee Roasters, run by Joel Gingrich, is a new light in a darker part of Kitchener, Ontario. I had the pleasure of meeting with him and hearing more about the space, along with the philosophy behind […]


On Sunday I decided to surprise my Filipino-born German boyfriend (or¬†Germapino as I refer to him) with a taste of home as we drove an hour from Kitchener to Quiapo Quiapo. Nestled in a strip mall close to Eglington in Mississauga, the place might be small but it’s full of character. It was bustling with […]


To be honest, moving back to the Kitchener-Waterloo area had me a bit stressed at first. By the end of my on-and-off five years of university, I had about enough of KW. I was nervous that those feelings were going to bubble up to the service and have me pulling my hair out. Almost two […]


September in Niagara means wine lovers come together to appreciate the grape at the Niagara Wine Festival. For three weekends wineries from all over Niagara come and set up in Montebello Park to celebrate the area’s grape-y goodness. There’s also live music to keep the crowd hopping. It’s a great place to get acquainted with […]


Anyone that knows me at least a little bit knows how much I love food, especially trying new foods when I’m travelling. A big highlight for me here in The Philippines is to try lots of delicacies that are unique to the country. I’ve been here almost a week now and I’ve managed to try […]


It seems like the past little while all I’ve been talking about is food, so I figured why not continue with the trend! Whenever I travel I try to sample some of the local cuisine, and boy have I had some strange stuff! During my crazy Euro Trip back in 2012, I had a few […]