6 Best Spots to Find Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton This Spring [2024]

6 Top Spots to Find Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton This Spring :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

With winter behind us, many are impatiently waiting to get out and enjoy some of the top springtime activities in Ontario… like hunting for cherry blossoms! The season can range from year to year but as the weather starts to warm up in April, sakura hunters are on high alert as they watch for peak bloom to occur.  I’ve done the legwork to confirm that these are the top spots to find cherry blossoms in Hamilton for when that time comes!

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Path of Cherry Trees in Bayfront Park :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Path of Cherry Trees in Bayfront Park

Sakura Trees in Bayfront Park

Location: 200 Harbour Front Dr, Hamilton [map]

Say hello to the most well-known destination for flowering cherry blossoms in Hamilton! Lining the walkway right beside the entrance, you won’t miss them as you drive into Bayfront Park. A beautiful gesture from Japan, these trees were donated back in 2002 and seem to be the oldest cherry trees in the city.

Bayfront Park is also a great spot to spend an afternoon outdoors so don’t depart once you’re done admiring the blossoms! Head down the stairs and through the parking lot to link up with the Waterfront Trail, one of the fantastic trails in Hamilton. Bayfront Park is also a great spot to launch a kayak if you’re looking to get on the water in the summer months!

Cherry Trees with the Gage Park Grandstand in the Background :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Hamilton Cherry Blossoms in Gage Park

Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton’s Gage Park

Location: 1000 Main St E, Hamilton [map]

Gage Park is a beautiful green space located east of the downtown core. A popular spot for a dose of nature in Hamilton, it becomes even more sought after as our favourite spring tree starts to bloom!

Head towards the teal bandshell from the main parking lot and look to your left. You won’t miss the springtime burst of blooms! There are also a few trees scattered throughout the park, but by the grandstand is where you’ll find the largest cluster. Afterwards, pop into the tropical greenhouse. Built in 2019, it’s a fantastic refuge on a chilly day and one of the top free things to do in Hamilton!

Close Up of Sakura Blossoms in the Royal Botanical Gardens Rock Garden :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Cherry Blossoms in RBG’s Rock Garden

Royal Botanical Gardens Rock Garden

Location: 1185 York Blvd, Hamilton [map]

Right on the edge of the city is where you’ll find Canada’s only royal garden, the Royal Botanical Gardens. You’ll find a number of beautiful cherry trees scattered across its 2400 acres of land! One such area is the Rock Garden where you will find trees scattered amongst the beautiful pathways and stone sculptures.

However, there’s a true gem hidden in plain sight just across the way from the Rock Garden. Nestled at the back of the parking lot (map), you’ll find a single Prunus ‘Asagi’ tree. Meaning ‘shallow yellow’ in English, the name Asagi makes sense when you see these blooms. While most cherry trees have pink or white blossoms, these trees have green-ish yellow flowers. Not only are these trees a rare sight here in the west but also in Japan! You can read more about it here.

Unsure if the blooms are still holding on? You can find out the state of the cherry blossoms as well as when other flowers are estimated to be in full bloom on their website. Some cherry trees can also be found in the Laking Garden next door!

Rows of Cherry Trees at the Arboretum at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Hamilton Cherry Blossoms at RBG’s Arboretum

Arboretum at the Royal Botanical Gardens

Location: 16 Old Guelph Rd, Hamilton [map]

The Royal Botanical Gardens are so large that they deserve two separate entries. For this next spot, you’ll want to head down the road to the Arboretum (map). You’ll be greeted by a beautiful ring of cherry trees as you enter the parking lot but wait, there’s more!

SOMETHING TO NOTE: Depending on when you visit, there may be timed parking in effect. Refer to the RBG website for more details.

Make your way towards the lilacs by the Nature Interpretive Centre where you’ll see a pathway. Follow it and you’ll come upon the beautiful collection of sakura blossoms.  Enjoy the sights and smells of these beautiful white and pink blossoms along with a number of other flowering counterparts. In 2010, the Sakura Project donated 34 trees to RBG with some being planted here and the rest in the aforementioned Rock Garden.

Personally, I would say this is where you’ll find the best cherry blossoms in Hamilton due to the number of varieties you’ll find including the Akebono, Yoshino and Ornamental species! These aren’t the only blooms to see though so make sure to spend some time exploring the over 47 hectares of greenspace as you admire the crabapple trees, magnolia trees, dogwood and more.

Close Up of Cherry Blossoms at Centennial Park in Dundas :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Sakura Flowers at Centennial Park in Dundas

Centennial Park in Dundas

Location: 1 East Street N, Dundas [map]

There’s always debate as to whether or not Dundas is technically Hamilton or its own entity but for argument’s sake (and the fact that Dundas Peak is called Hamilton’s famous lookout), I’m including it here.

Planted almost a decade ago, this cluster of 37 cherry trees was donated by the Toyo Eiwa Joagkui School in Japan. This all-girls school was founded by Martha Cartmell, a Canadian Methodist missionary who wished to create a teaching establishment centred around Christian ideals. The school celebrated 130 years in 2014 and donated these trees as a thank you for the support it has received from people in Canada.

RELATED: Right next door to Centennial Park you’ll find the Desjardins Canal which is said to be haunted. You’ll have to check out my haunted guide to Hamilton to find out why!

Two Cherry Trees Behind Dundas City Hall :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Cherry Trees Behind Dundas City Hall

Dundas Town Hall

Location: 60 Main St, Dundas [map]

This is one of the hidden gems for cherry blossoms in Hamilton because I guarantee you the majority of folks don’t even know they are here. I sure didn’t until I happily stumbled upon them by accident!

Head behind Dundas Town Hall to find two beautiful cherry trees and their vast tree span. Another donation from the Sakura Project, these trees were planted in 2008 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Japan-Canada diplomatic relations and the 40th anniversary of Kaga, Japan and Dundas, Hamilton becoming twin cities.

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Blossoms Outside of Hamilton City Hall :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Blooms Outside Hamilton City Hall

BONUS: Hamilton City Hall

Location: 71 Main St W, Hamilton [map]

You can find blossoms amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown? Yes, it’s true! Head to Hamilton City Hall and make your way to the right of the Hamilton sign. You’ll see a few trees scattered about along the side and some picnic tables. It’s the perfect spot to take a breather and admire the blooms as you explore the city’s core.

Why is this a bonus? Honestly, it’s because I’m not exactly sure if they’re actually cherry blossoms or if they are apple blossoms. I’m not a botanist, okay?! Either way, they’re pretty and bring the downtown core to life, especially if it’s been a dreary winter!

Lindsay Sitting Under the Gage Park Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton :: I've Been Bit! Travel Blog

Always Stop to Admire the Cherry Blossoms in Hamilton!

Don’t Miss The Hamilton Cherry Blossoms!

The season is short enough as it is and with our seasons becoming more volatile each year, you really need to keep an eye out so you don’t miss out! While the cherry blossoms in Hamilton typically appear at the end of April into early May, the timing can shift. If we get a warm spell, be prepared to get out and explore sooner rather than later!

Luckily Hamilton isn’t the only spot for these stunning blooms in the province. One spot may lose its blooms to have another still in peak season so it’s best to watch where the cherry blossoms in Ontario are blooming. Toronto’s High Park is always a top destination though my personal favourite is to head for Niagara. Check out my guide to see where to find the cherry blossoms across the region!

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