Foto Friday :: Balls Falls


In a quest to enjoy the stunning autumn colours as much as I can, I dragged Robin on another hike as we explored the Balls Falls conservation area. The area is fairly small but there’s lots to explore including two waterfalls, the remnants of an old woolen mill from the 1800s, and more! As we’ve found with many of the waterfalls in the area, there hasn’t been much of a stream due to a very hot and dry summer. It seems like Balls Falls has ‘lost its mojo’, but I’m okay with this. Why?

First: it’ll be a fierce waterfall again come spring once the winter snow melts.
Second: I can run around EVERY aspect of the waterfall!

The lower falls aren’t accessible by foot, but you can get a great view of it from the lookout area. This is not the case for the upper falls however, especially this time of year! As you’ll see in the photos, you can take a small path from the lookout point and walk right along the river bed – giving you a great view of the autumn colours downstream! If you’re in the area, I’d definitely take advantage of the low water levels to fully explore, but if not then please enjoy my snapshots!

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